A Question for Ethicists and


A Question for Ethicists and Theologians

As I was thinking about this Iraq situation and puzzling and puzzling until my puzzler were sore, I thought of something that is, I am certain not unique. I know that someone can clearly point the way to the answer. If there can be a just war, is it possible for there to be a "just assassination"? I am not suggesting this as a solution to this problem--but I was thinking about it in relation to the plot to assassinate Hitler during World War II. If the plotters had succeeded would they have sinned? Would Deitrich Bonhoeffer have committed a terrible sin if they had blown up Hitler? Would Hitler have been considered a combattant and thus subject to the casualties of war? If the war is just, then killing during that time must not be a sin, yes?

Anyway, anyone who knows where to find the answer, even if it is not clearly spelled out, please let me know.

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