A Poll, A Query,


A Poll, A Query, Some Questions

As a matter of curiousity, and you needn't leave a name with your answer, I'd like to know which of the following you think is beautiful. Yes for beautiful, no for not beautiful along with the number would be sufficient.

1. Pablo Picasso's Guernica
2. Pablo Picasso's Les Desmoiselles D'Avignon
3. Dali The Persistence of Memory
4. Joan Miro Festival of the Harlequin
5. Georgia O'Keefe Iris
6. Monet Impression:Sunrise
7. Courbet The Seacoast

8. Debussy La Mer
9. Schönberg PIerrot Lunaire
10. Schönberg Verklarte Nacht
11. Hindemith Mathis der Mahler
12. StraussAlso Sprache Zarathustra
13. Holst The Planets
14. Webern Five Pieces for Small Orchestra Bonus question: did he really encode secrets in his music?
15. Bartok Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta
16. Rachmaninoff Variations on a Theme by Paganini
17. Vaughn Williams The Lark Ascending

Then, if you would append to any answers you decide to leave two further points of information:

What is the most beautiful painting you have ever seen (famous or otherwise) and what makes it so?
What is the most beautiful piece of Music you have ever heard?

I will answer these latter two to get us started.

For painting I will name two because one of them no one other than my family and a few visitors has ever seen.
(1) A painting by my mother of sunset over Pensacola, Fla. because it is by my mother and reflects her feelings upon my father having to leave on a six month cruise in the Mediterranean.
(2)Vermeer-Girl with a Pearl Earring--The eyes, the face, the turban, the light, the perfection of every fold. Oh let's just say all of Vermeer.
(3) Tie--Duruflé or Faure Requiem. Sublime, suggestive of the heavenly, and wholly consoling.

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