A Mild Demurral I


A Mild Demurral

I will not second-guess our president, whom I must trust to determine the best course of action. But I do wonder what the rush is. What harm can there be in extending inspections time? It's hardly likely that while the country is being combed by these people the weapons can be readily deployed. More, I must ask myself, why this focus on Iraq when we know for a fact that North Korea is problematic?

But I do emphasize, this is the chorus that run through my head. One of the things I have learned in the course of spiritual training and life is that sometimes you must give up the right to know. Sometimes, in fact often, we must trust providence and God's grace. Sometimes we must trust the leaders who guide us, even if their own agendas differ from ours.

My solution to all this inquiry is to pray. In prayer we will find the way and in prayer we will make reparation for the wrongs that we do in ignorance and disobedience.

So, while I do have questions, I also know that I do not know everything, nor do I really want to. I trust God to guide the man who is set in charge over all of us through our own will. In God we trust.

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