The Reality is "Outside of


The Reality is "Outside of God, Nothing is Real"

I love the way the aphorism above can be read. It reminds me of a story by Stanislaw Lem in which a robot invents a device that can make anything beginning with a certain letter. When assigned the letter N, it sets about making all manner of "n" things--nuts, notions, nabobs, etc. Finally, winding down, it begins to make Nothing.

God is all in all. Only outside of Him is Nothing real. And it is into that nothing that our steps too willingly lead us, if our eyes are not firmly fixed on the center of reality--Jesus Christ. In Him all that is is held together. Through the thought and love of the Holy Trinity all that is exists and continues to exist. Outside of Him, NOTHING exists. And there is something so terrifying in this nothing that we cannot even really understand it.

So truly our time is well spent contemplating not the nothingness and emptiness within ourselves, not our condition of impoverishment with respect to the Divine Riches, but the richness of Love Incarnate that makes all that is and that holds together the warp and weft of reality in a tableau of magnificence that we can just barely comprehend.

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