Talk About Your "Momentary


Talk About Your "Momentary Taste of Being From the Well Amidst the Waste. . ."

Samuel is our own such well--a well-fed spring of God's grace and enlightenment. I'm sure everyone who has children recognizes what a gift they are--but they are also a means of God's self-revealing. Children have not put up some many barriers, they have not declared so many conditions. In short, they do not fight grace or impulse, and thus are more pure channels of both. Sometimes grace and impulse coincide, as in this little incident from last night:

I was going into an ice cream shop. My wife stayed in the car with Samuel. Apparently Samuel asked her about all the traffic that he saw out on the street. My wife explained that some people were going to work, some coming home, some were going shopping, some were going to Church. Samuel announced, I want them all to stop so I can give them all hugs. So, from Samuel to everyone out there, hugs.

What a wonderful, delightful, frightening, enlightening, exciting, surprising, and touching moment with Jesus in the heart of the family. Thank you God for the gift of family and of love.

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