St. Thomas Aquinas, redux A


St. Thomas Aquinas, redux

A superb post and exposition of the Summa and its virtues from the blogmeister of Minute Particulars. He will hear no disagreement here. As I have said before, I will be among the very first to acknowledge the greatness of St. Thomas Aquinas. He is a gift to the Church and to all of us, and everyone should read some of St. Thomas. Whether that "some" should include the great Summa, or even its cousin, is up to the discernment of the individual and his or her spiritual advisor. But the greatness of the work, the profound impact it had on philosophy, and indeed on its times--one might look upon the Summa as the true beginning of modern ways of thinking, cannot be denied. In fact much of the history of ideas post Summa is a reaction to it and to the "scholastic" thought which it supposedly inspired. (Scholastics are in no way the fault of St. Thomas Aquinas and it is unjust to attribute the worst of the excesses of that school to the Great St. Thomas).

Anyway, please go and enjoy. As always, the commentary at Minute Particulars is incisive and insightful, balanced, just, and truly Christian. Please, if you are following this thread, this commentary is one to read.

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