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Thanks to Mr. Gotcher, I found this set of comments by Mr. Hand (?) which provide much food for thought regarding what we are doing on our blogs. Are we here to show off, to make a stand, to be a community, to simply repeat news heard otherwhere?

The explicit goal of this blog is to talk about matters of prayer, spirituality, and Church Doctrine in a non-confrontational way. One of the ways I would like to guide this ship is by the star of Church Teaching and Love of God. I acknowledge that I often fail in charity and in substance--many times inconsequential trivia fill the blog channels. But I trust others to let me know when I have failed in charity and when I am overly shortsighted. I also trust others to lead me back on track eventually.

The philosophy and theory that drives everything I put here is that "all the earth is God's and the fullness thereof." So every subject is a right and proper subject for conversation, but always in charity, humility, and accordance (as far as I understand it) with the magisterium of the church. I do not wish to be the center of this blog--or only wish to be as example of what NOT to do (much of the time). The point of blogging is (1) to preach to the converted--we all need it (and I speak of and to me as much as to anyone else--a good teacher learns much preparing for his students) and (2) to glorify Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit for the many blessings and mercies they have showered upon the world and on me.

More than anything else, I desire "to sing of the glories of the Lord forever." My Lord, My God, My King, My Heart, My All. With Augustine--"My heart is restless O Lord, until it rests in thee."

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