Reflections Inspired by Cold Weather


Reflections Inspired by Cold Weather

It amazes me that anyone likes cold weather. I get slow, stupid, relucant to do anything, and terribly anxious. Oh wait. . . I'm describing my base state of being. Cold weather simply forces me to abandon the mask that I too often wear in warm and temperate climates.

I have long considered that I would like to move back to Virginia in (as they say) the fullness of time. On his trip, I have decided otherwise. Despite the plethora of wonderful historical activities and sites, the cold shuts me down. I find it hard to pray, hard to think, hard to do anything other than to curl up in a ball and stay warm. Thus, I think I am not cut out for these climes. What a grace God has granted me--not to long continually for what is realistically out of my control anyway. Such longing is utterly destructive and soul-destroying.

Isn't God amazing?

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