More Catholic Curiosa This morning


More Catholic Curiosa

This morning took a spin south to Fredericksburg to tour Kenmore again (more of that later). Returning, I asked wife if she would like to go back by a slower route--Route 1. She said sure, had to be more scenic than 95.

Well, scenic it was. I won't mention all the wonders along the route, but I thought everyone might be interested in one particularly noticeable display. We were headed North and had just passd through the town of Aquia. On the right there is a Roman Catholic Church with the unlikely name of St. William of York (never heard of him, but have no doubt that someone can tell me all about him.) Just a little pace north of that, we came upon an enormous (fifteen or twenty foot tall) crucifix, corpus and all, right by the side of the road. Now, I'm used to the little displays that mark the scene of an accident, and even of the larger three-cross displays, the meaning of which I am uncertain. But this was far more ornate and far larger than any such display.

Well, we had encountered, according to my wife who had the chance to read it, the site of the first Catholic Settlement in Virginia. Had I not been tooling along at quite a clip, I might have paused and returned. (I have to admit also, since moving to Florida, the antifreeze has been drained and filled with e-z freeze and the weather in NoVA has not been conducive to extensive exploration outdoors.

Anyway, just though you all might like to know. Those of you in the area might want to take a look someday.

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