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Marian Doctrine

The blogmeister at Mysterium Crucis has a brief remark on Scott Hahn's books of Marian doctrine. His post inspired two thoughts.

I am reading The Lamb's Supper and while I do appreciate some of the insights and thoughts found therein, I do find the endless punning titles both distracting, and ultimately lending to an air of levity inappropriate to the content. It is so off-putting as to have caused me to throw the book across the room on at least one occasion; however, I feel what is being said is so important that the book is worth reading. If anyone knows Mr. Hahn well, please advise him to lay off the puns--they are neither engaging nor particularly astute, further they detract from the main point of the work and make light of mysteries that it is perhaps better to regard with a certain gravity, not to say solemnity.

Second, the Blogmeister has requested more substantial books of Marian Doctrine. I was able to tell him some fairly good works regarding Marian Devotion, and Alphonsus di Liguori's The Glories of Mary which indeed has substantial Marian Doctrine. I did not (how remiss of me) mention the Catechism's extensive section(s) on Mary, so I add those to this list, and I invite those more knowledgable in the ways of doctrine and dogma to offer suggestions here or at Mysterium Crucis. I, too, would be interested in expanding my horizons with respect to this aspect of theology.

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