Intercalary Days I see many


Intercalary Days

I see many are back blogging, returned to the routine, as it were. We have skimmed by the solstice, celebrated Christmas and entered the ill-omened intercalary days of the Aztecs and Mayas. These peoples constructed a calendar on a base 20 system with 13 monts of twenty days and then 5 or so "intercalary days" so ill-omened that people were encouraged not to leave their homes for any reason.

From the earliest I can remember I have felt this way about the end of the calendar. I know we're in the Christmas season, but whatever chemicals the sun produces for brain happiness are at an amazing and destructive low and so all I feel like doing is going to bed and staying there--which is why I make a practice and discipline of doing something each of these days. Thanks to blogging I have a new way to communicate to the world and to put out sensors to see if it really is normal and not completely transformed by virtue of its position in the calendar.

Well, enough of that, I hope the celebration of Christmas was wonderful and blessed, and may the remainder of the Christmas season be a source of hope and joy to all (myself most especially included).

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