Found this inkblot test


Found this inkblot test via Father Jim's blog.

Here are my results. The test itself was fascinating and better executed than a great many of these kinds of things.

My Results from Inkblot Peace

You are driven by a higher purpose than most people. You have a deeply-rooted desire to facilitate peacefulness in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with love ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to influence the world.

You are driven by a desire to encourage others to think about the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative. The reason your unconscious is consumed by this might stem from an innate fear of war and turmoil. Thus, to avoid that uncomfortable place for you, your unconscious seeks out the peace in your environment.

Usually, the thing that underlies this unconscious drive is a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it. As a result, your personal integrity acts as a surrogate for your deeper drive toward peace and guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others.

As with all of these predictors, analyses, etc., I hope that what it says is true. I certainly see elements of it. However, you will see elements of anything anyone suggests is true. Perhaps that's why it's important to listen to what Jesus and God have to say to you. Psalm 8 would make a good starting point. And then the Gospels--particularly verses such as, "God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whosoever should believe in him shall not die but have everlasting life." Enjoy the silly, fun diversions, but believe and find yourself reflected in the truth of the Bible.

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