Delightful Surprises To my mind,


Delightful Surprises

To my mind, there is nothing more delightful than when someone does something utterly unexpected and "out-of-character." It's a very humbling experience because you begin to understand, "My ways are not your ways" and you are faced with the fallacy and hypocrisy of judgmentalism. On my vacation my Father-in-Law did at least one such thing.

In the course of the vacation we were talking about movies. Now this is a man whose collection consists of every film John Wayne ever made, and almost all the other westerns and similar films you can name. His idea of a perfect day is Tora! Tora! Tora! followed by The Longest Day.. So imagine my shock when he said of Roman Holiday, "You know, that is my favorite movie." Now I largely trust my wife in matters of light romantic dramas/comedies and pretend no expertise. I had never been enticed by this title as my wife had never given it much of a review. So, hearing this stunning bit of news, I popped his tape of it in and watched it.

I won't say that it is now my favorite film, nor anything close to a favorite, but it was a wonderful film. I am ever grateful for having been introduced to it, and even more grateful for having been introduced to this hidden aspect of my Father-in-Law's character. A man who was already great in my estimation became a mite more interesting in this sudden revelation.

If it is true that you do not merely marry a spouse, but a family, I have been wonderfully blessed by these members of my family. I thank God for them daily and I thank God for the enrichment and joy He has seen fit to provide me through the aegis of my wife and her wonderful family. I cannot possibly say enough good about these people who have, from the beginning, accepted me and taken me in as one of their own. We are quite different in many respects, but the difference is always polite and always respectful. Once again, what a tremendous, wonderful family and God-given blessing. I hope all of you who are married might experience the same for yourselves.

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