Another Gift From Project Canterbury


Another Gift From Project Canterbury

I share an excerpt of this sermon of Edward Pusey--a sermon on Christmas Day. I somewhat doubt I shall be blogging early tomorrow, though as evening approaches it is just remotely possible.

from Plain Sermons by Contributors to "Tracts for Our Times"-- Sermon 40--"Christian Joy"--Preached on Christmas Day Edward Pusey The indispensable source of energy and renewal, when frailty and weakness increase, is the encounter with the living Christ, Lord of the Covenant. This is why you must develop an intense spiritual life and open your soul to the Word of life. In the depths of the heart the voice of God must be heard, even if at times it seems to be silent, in reality it resounds continually in the heart and accompanies us along the path that can have its burden of sorrow as happened to the two travellers of Emmaus.
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