An Interesting Album in St.


An Interesting Album in St. Blog's

I didn't realize Mr. Lams did music. Via Davey's Mommy--here's the link to a really interesting page which includes a couple of real player tracks. Soft jazz with some interesting vocals. Sounds a bit retro--a little lounge--I really, really like what I've heard. I'm averse to internet commerce as a general thing--but this may just tempt me. I won't say it's beautiful, but I really like the blend. The title track has little sense of the B-52s with a laid back jazzy track. Robot Love--who would have guessed. My sincere thanks to Mr. Lams for making a difficult day a little brighter.

Later: Released Christmas of 2000--hardly recent news--guess it just takes me a while to catch on. Well, thank goodness I have.

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