A Word to the Wise


A Word to the Wise

Part I
I hope you all have been stopping by Mr. Mooney's place Xavier+. In the last several days he has posted a wonderful poem by Milton (Lord, I know I'm aging when the words "wonderful" and "Milton" occur in the same sentence) and a reflection by Rabbi Heschel. Both of these (as well as much else) are well worth your attention.

Part II
I really love Conversations That Matter. Indeed, the only conversations that do. St. Blog's Blurb typifies this as a communal Lectio and, indeed, it is, in all the best meanings and senses of that word. This is another place one would do well to visit AND be guided by the four movements that regulate the posting of all the members:

1. What did I hear? What did he say that affected me? What did I hear for the first time? What leapt off the page at me? What word or phrase is important? 2. How does this make me feel? No thoughts, opinions or judgments. If you can use the words, I think... intelligibly in the sentence it is not a feeling. Stick to feelings. Maybe start the sentence with I am... 3. What will I do? How does the gospel call me to live? No plans, hopes or dreams; what concrete action will I do this week? 4. How shall I pray? Prayers, litanies, tropes, and other forms based on the readings may be posted.

Once again, deepest thanks to Father Keyes C.PP.S. for maintaining this worthwhile and impressive (if perhaps underused) blog.

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