What Does It Mean to


What Does It Mean to Be Catholic Green?

At least the way I define it. In a comment below, Therese articulated it precisely. I reprint it here for wider circulation as it deserves more notice.

Comment by Therese Would love to see a party focused on responsible citizenship by VOLUNTARY giving of one's self and ones resources to preserve life, liberty, and happiness for all from womb to tomb. A party truly dedicated to this can't help but create a governmental environment where it is natural and easy for citizens to freely choose to: --protect all human life as how can we hope to protect other species if we don't love our own? --nuture all humans -- not just the economically viable --treasure each human for the priceless gifts that they are --go the extra mile to help the woman in a crisis pregnancy, --feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and go the extra mile to provide the support that they need --compassionately care for -- not just sustain -- the sick --actively and lovingly accompany those who need help to make it through the day--mentally ill, elderly, sick, less skilled, etc --transform our economy by purchasing items with an eyes towards fair pay, social justice and environmental responsibility (is my good deal purchased at the price of anothers loss of livlihoood or enslavement?), --make the US a good neighbor of all, --preserve the environment as it contributes so much to health and happiness --permit people in their childbearing years to concentrate on child raising and to pass on a legacy of love and the value of human relationships --value the long term result as much if not more than the short term

We can't get there if it is mandated by the governement for then it becomes someone else's responsibility. We can't get there if civic responsibility means my self-sufficiency at someone else's expense. We can only get there if WE citizens make a choice to do whatever it takes to be a nation that freely chooses to be self givers for the good of all. When you get right down to it, that really was what the founders excelled at -- so many gave their lives and fortunes to the nation. Somehow, I think a nation of self givers is the kind of nation, Jesus would have us have. Or even a party dedicated to self giving would be the party he would want us to join.

This articulates in nearly every detail what I meant about "green" leanings. All of these things (along with several more repugnant to Catholic sensibilities--therefore the splitting into "Catholic Green") are part of the party platform. Of course, they are taken to some enormous extremes. But what is articulated here--grassroots Christianity as it should be, is my political credo.

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