Recent Periodical/Web Reading I've been


Recent Periodical/Web Reading

I've been on a jag of reading materials about Wahhabism and other aspects of Islamic Cultures. I cannot recommend highly enough two sites with some insight. Memri provides translations of selected Middle Eastern newspapers and dispatces. The Islamic Supreme Council of America adds a voice of reason and of warning to the mix of information we get from that part of the world.

One of our greatest enemies is ignorance. If we listen to the version of what we get through our own media we will never be able to come to terms or understanding of what we are witnessing in the world. With regard to Wahhabism, we need to understand what it is and what it means and how it relates to the rest of Islam. I have wavered back and forth over the entire question of Islam and what it means and whether it really is a "Religion of Peace." I seek to remedy my own woeful ignorance. Only in that way can I find the way to love and to pray for these brethren.

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