Ranking the Founding Fathers T.S.


Ranking the Founding Fathers

T.S. O'Rama has an interesting post in which he compares how he felt about the Founding Fathers at two different ages. I shall do the same, as our lists have a remarkable similarity.

Ranking at Age 12

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Patrick Henry, Hamilton

Ranking of Recent Date

Washington, Adams, Madison, George Mason, [smallish gap here]Franklin, John Marshall, [big gap here]Jefferson.

I like Jefferson better as a person outside of politics. He so tortuously combines such noble and repugnant elements that it is hard for me to sort out my conclusions. Stephen Ambrose's new book touches upon these contradictions very nicely. My respect for Mason comes not merely from the Bill of Rights, but from the fact that Mason actually freed his slaves while living. My admiration for Washington has grown greatly since I have been able to break away from the college-level indoctrination that would have you believe that libertinism is the sine qua non of greatness and that Washington was a particularly dull and stupid man--all I can say is utter Calumny. As I learn more about the role of Madison in the formulation of the Constitution, I am stunned at the brilliance and sheer determination of the man. Unfortunately, while I acknowledge the contribution of Alexander Hamilton, I have formulate a dislike beyond reason springing from the arrogance of certain actions on his part. He is one of the kingmaker schemers that I breathe a deep sigh of relief that we were well rid of early on.

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