Praise and Thanksgiving My dear


Praise and Thanksgiving

My dear friends in California have written me to thank everyone who has been praying for them. After a particularly trying time, they have come to a decision that will be the best for their family at this time. I'm sure my friends will not mind if I share from their message:

Please post a note on your blogsite thanking people for their prayerful support. Our agonising time of decision making is over. . . . We are most grateful to your blogfriends for their help. It was much needed.

Thanks to everyone who helped in this prayer endeavor. And please don't forget these friends, move their needs to a back burner, but as with every such decision, there will be details to deal with and accommodations to make, and perhaps a future set of decisions to make. Please continue to pray for them as I know they do for all of us.

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