Much to be Grateful For


Much to be Grateful For
While the election results are much to be thankful for, long, strong, ardent prayer is still in order. What needs to be done requires little political courage, but that little seems more than our people in Washington can summon. In addition, while attending to the most critical issue in some small way, I must say the results do not reflect a preferential option for the poor. Much work needs to be done, but it is work that is in the proper domain of compassionate caretakers. As good and faithful Catholics, we are called more than ever to reach out to the poor, the disenfranchised, the marginalized and make them feel more central and most of all loved. I think it is more than a coincidence that we have a year of a Rosary and an opportunity to do something about the gross injustices to the unborn. Our Lady has interceded for us once again. Those of you who have recently elected Senators, start pushing and continue pushing until Partial Birth Abortion is banned. Keep at them on the judicial nominations. Now is not the time to rest on laurels, but to move those who represent us to start representing the least of us!

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