From a Blog I Obviously


From a Blog I Obviously Need to Visit More Often

From Peter Nixon's Sursum Corda this quiz. I need to visit this blog more often if only to figure out exactly what I think of it. There are so many enticing and puzzling thoughts and strands running through it. For example, I am unable to share the enthusiasm for Fr. Rolheiser's column as I am somewhat put off by reference to the diety as "she." (I suppose this is what was mean't when my professor said I was too "gender specified.") On the other hand, you may also encounter stirring passages such as the one that follows--available in its complete form here.

Prayer is not a question of insight, of being smarter than anyone else; nor of will, of being stronger than anyone else; nor of emotional restraint or sexual aloofness, of being less passionate than anyone else; nor of withdrawal, of being less exposed to temptation than anyone else. Prayer is a question of unity and surrender, of uniting one's will with someone else and surrendering one's will to that other. Prayer is the desire to be in union with someone, especially in union with that other's will.

There are other anomalies that set off the early warning radar in Mr. Nixon's blog, but also much good, clear, purposeful thought. Perhaps I just need to bestir myself out of the comfortable Orchid Room I have created and engage these ideas. Perhaps my discomfort stems from not choosing to engage in this conversation. Perhaps it stems from other, deeper sources, prejudices that need eradication rather than nurturing in my Wolfeian Orchid Palace. Perhaps I need the challenge of encountering these perspectives and wrestling with their proper place and understanding. No, all of these perhaps are not perhaps but true, I just don't have the moral courage necessary to face up to some of these things. With prayer and God's grace, it will come.

Now, on to the discovery I made at this blog: I have long since gotten over my Buffy fascination, when it moved out of monster-of-the-week into some bizarre brand of proselytizing I found I lost patience with it. But I do love quizzes, so, what can I say.

Moreover, if I may give vent to my latent Calvinism, it's right on target, I do have a destined calling, as I believe the vast majority of people have--heaven is calling me home.

Which Buffy archetype are you?

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[You know, I've corrected technical and philosophical deficiencies in this entry something like eight times now--perhaps it is not meant to come to fruition.]

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