Founding Fathers Again I've been


Founding Fathers Again

I've been about looking, and I've seen a few Adamses (my choice, but unfortunately not my personality, but we're a perfect match--After all Jefferson and Adams shared a very long friendship after they got over their snit.) They were so close that the good Lord took them both to Him on the same day (July 4, 1826). Remarkable.

There are more than a few Hamiltons. (I am a borderline Hamilton, only toppled over into the Jefferson category when I was so thoroughly chagrined at being likened to the arrogant little illegitimatum (literally)). Usurping power, consorting with the enemy and undermining American foreign policy. It's hardly a wonder that he got himself shot. (In case you can't tell, I'm not a Hamilton Partisan. In fact, I'm about as far away as possible--identifying myself as that mysteriously transmorgrified "Federalist"--which today means what "Democratic-Republican" meant at the time of Jefferson. Now we kind of lump this bunch into libertarian, which isn't entirely accurate. I prefer my rule a bit closer to home.

Jefferson is no great shakes in my estimation either. A man arrogant enough to refuse to free his slaves either before or after death because it would be an injustice to them to be released into the world unprepared. Give me a George Mason or a George Washington any day. Or best of all an Adams. Probably wouldn't have cared for him in person--but one can never tell, I have tremendous admiration for what I know of him as it stands.

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