Exhausting Day Trying to help


Exhausting Day

Trying to help people make St. John of the Cross relevant in their lives, trying to restructure our current meeting to help us take advantage of the year of the Rosary, inducting one new member and getting another started on serious formation, all before breakfast.

Add to that a breakdown at 4:15 p.m. Cause a dead battery (old battery installed October 2001). A wait for a jump. Of course the car can't be fixed before Monday as the dealer only has service until noon on Saturday--(because the battery is under warranty and there's no point in spending centibucks to have it repaired).

Then blogger ate this post three times. Devouring mercilessly.

You'd think that would make for a bad day. But you know, it doesn't really. Some friends came out to help us, we're taught a little bit about detachment from material things, as we may not be able to start the car up tomorrow to get it to Church, so I'll have to hitch a ride or walk the three or four miles (hope we don't have a Florida rain for the time period). But all is well. This could have happened at a much worse time. We could be waiting on the edge of the road in Georgia or South Carolina and not know anyone for hundreds of miles in any direction. You get the drift. God has been grand to us today, and though I am tired, and to some degree stressed, I am also much less alarmed than I might have been last year at this time. So I've either grown in grace or become so jaded nothing gets through my tanned hide. Given my choice, I prefer the former (as an explanation). What a glorious day!

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