Drawing Aside the Curtain for


Drawing Aside the Curtain for a Moment

A interested reader wrote and asked a question that normally I probably would not care to answer. However, the particular individual is one for whom I have deep respect, and over the years, I hope a certain kind of friendship, so I feel that I owe a reasonable answer to his inquiry.

Well, I dunno if I'd be classified under "choirs of angels" but I'm curious to know *your* take on Hillary, having mentioned this:

"My Father-in-Law is an amazing man with amazing taste in reading. He reads profoundly interesting conservative materials and holds staunchly conservative views--you would blanch to hear him talk about HiIlary Clinton. "

Never let it be said that I discouraged curiousity. My comments may not satisfy it, but then, it would be a shame to discourage by satisfaction.

Ms. Clinton is precisely what one would expect of Herod's wife. As such she is a deeply deluded, deeply dangerous woman in desperate need of all of the prayers we can muster in her favor. Given the potential for destruction that lies in power, the good people of New York would do well to repudiate their selection of this candidate, and we would all benefit from her retirement from public life. I believe that she is a deeply deceiving, frightening figure in American Politics. I do not care for her views, and I am not completely certain that there are not certain very dark marks on her past record. I pray that I am wrong particularly on this latter front, but I harbor my doubts and pray about them.

I hope that I have said that gently enough not to hurt people who stop by and who may admire many aspects of this woman's character. She is a strong woman, with strongly held views, and were those views more in line with Phyllis Schlafly and her ilk, I would find much to admire. As it stands, I believe that her plotting and deceitfulness exceeds that of her two biblical analogs--Jezebel and Herodias. May God have mercy on us all and protect us from her gentle ministrations. May God have mercy on her and show her the profound errors of her actions, words, and thoughts.

Now let the curtain fall back into place, and please--"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

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