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Chesterton Again

The Colossal Genius is growing on me. There are still quirks I do not care for in his prose, and I find his sympathies (at least in language) with his contemporaries mostly unfortunate. However, whatever words he may use to refer to those with darker skins than his own, it is quite clear that he has no sympathy with Kipling's view of them, and that is refreshing and encouraging. I'm still trying to figure out what my aversion to the prose is, as for the most part we're talking simple, standard English. But with the encouragement of a great many out in blogland I've decided to continue and as I continue, and as I read the biography Wisdom and Innocence I find great sympathies. Thanks to all who continue to tout his praises. Perhaps one day I shall grow to like him as you all do. (After all, it took thirty years after first exposure to Henry James for me to like his work, and now I constant mourn his death, there simply isn't enough James to last my years.)

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