At the Request of a


At the Request of a Friend

My good friend Katherine asks that I bring this to everyone's attention, and as all things Papal appeal to me greatly, it is my pleasure to do so. The full article is available from Zenit News

His Holiness makes three very good points in addressing Brazilian Bishops on the sins of sterilization, abortion, and divorce:

First, he told the pastors that to fail to proclaim the truth about marriage and the family "would be a grave pastoral omission, which would lead people to error, especially those who have the important responsibility to make decisions for the common good of the nation."

Second, John Paul II called for the commitment of all Catholics, especially married couples, who "must be the first to witness to the grandeur of conjugal and family life," to respond with "a more incisive and constant catechetical and educational action, which will give incentive to the Christian ideal of faithful and indissoluble conjugal communion."

Third, he exhorted "those who are afraid of the exigencies that such fidelity implies": "Be not afraid of the risks! There is no difficult situation that cannot be addressed in an adequate way when a climate of consistent Christian life is cultivated."

I love particularly the last sentence, a motto rephrasing St. Paul, but powerful for our times--There is no difficult situation that cannot be addressed in an adquate way when a climate of consistent Christian life is cultivated. Or even better--There is no crisis that cannot be overcome when Christ is the mainstay. (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.) Thank you, Katherine.

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