An Addendum to the Review


An Addendum to the Review

I just remembered an incredibly important negative for Ms. Coulter. In listing "best-sellers" produced by conservatives, she included the utterly repugnant Atlas Shrugged on the list. Ayn Rand is NOT a conservative. I don't know what to call her other than "Objectivist," and I find nearly everything about objectivism objectionable. If I were a conservative (and I choose to eschew lables as nothing fits well) I would be horrified to find myself associated with Ayn Rand. It is the same horror (although admittedly on a far lesser scale) that I would have with being associated with Hitler, Stalin, or Leopold X of Belgium. So I do throw this caveat into the mix. I trust Ms. Coulter herself is not sympathetic to objectivism (the fundamentals of which seem necessarily repugnant to Christianity.)

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