A Blog of Some Interest


A Blog of Some Interest

You all might want to take the time to wander over to Mr. Jim Kalb's relatively new blog Metanoia. In addition to being one of those blogs that will be alive when others are down due to blogger and blogspot, Metanoia is the blog on one who is studiously becoming Catholic, and some of his questions are better answered by minds more attuned to the forms of argumentation present in the legal profession. So if any canon lawyers ever stop by here (as I offer nothing to sate that manner of mind, it seems highly unlikely), you may wish to wander over to Mr. Kalb's blog. Those who are not canon lawyers have much to gain by reading the thought-provoking entries and considerations. Having been in the same place myself some years ago, I hear echoes and resonance from my time of questioning. I have a lot of sympathy but very few answers, largely because I found that the questions I was asking had less relevance because the Church opened the door to true love of God. Before that, as a Baptist, I "had a relationship with Christ," meaning I had been baptised after a "born again experience," but I didn't really know the name of Love until I had come to His Feast.

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