Two New Blogs out there


Two New Blogs out there

With a great title, but a trifle too much baseball for my taste (though we must allow people their enthusiasms, mustn't we--after all them as live in brick houses stones should neither gather nor throw) Inn at the End of the World (sounds more that a trifle William Morrisy) is well worth your time. Alos, I wonder about the URL, could we have another Aubrey and Maturin fan onboard? (Not that I am, but when one's spouse is attendant upon every mailing list and group related to the two, it can't help but seep into consciousness.) Also, one must note, the blogmaster seems to be very interested in and knowledgeable about the saints of many calendars, and he appears to have a profound interest in, and perhaps even makes his lliving or part thereof as one who plays the bagpipes.

The second is a man who could do with our very best apologetics help and understanding. Metanoia hosted by Mr. Jim Kalb is one very interesting series of questions and observations after another.

I believe I shall be keeping an eye on these two. Gives me something to do when the lazy-bones bloggers enter their torpor.

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