On Hallowe'en Ms. vonHuben has


On Hallowe'en
Ms. vonHuben has a very reasonable post with which I am predominantly in agreement. After all, one of the reasons for having All Saints on November 1 was to partially coopt Samhain and "Christianize" it--a strategy employed by Pope St. Gregory the Great for a great many Christian feast days. I understand the reservations of some. And my child will not participate in "beggar's night" or "trick or treating" largely due to my reservations about modern times and not the holiday. However, he will light his (fake) "Spooky Ooky" Jack 'o Lantern (reference to Rolly Polly Ollie, I think) and dance to "The Wiggles" all night long. Next year we'll probably take him to one of the many church sponsored "Harvest Parties" where the children can dress up and get together.

As with most of these issues, I believe the key is parental guidance, supervision, and discussion. Many things otherwise untenable or perhaps more dangerous are defused when the boundaries are clearly defined and the reasoning (once one reaches the age of reason, around 35) clearly explained.

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