Okay, One Last Word Going


Okay, One Last Word
Going into the kitchen to prepare dinner I opened the refrigerator to discover some limes one of our coworkers brought in from their tree. I sliced into this wonderful fruit and it had the thinnest skin, juicest pulp and most aromatic and soour flavor. Squeezed some into tonic and am contemplating ceviche or lime salsa for dinner tomorrow. (Have to pick up the shrimp and whitefish).

Oh, and TMC claims to be running London After Midnight, which, to the best of my understanding had been lost. Also, Vampyr, which, if I recall is by the director (Carl Theodor Dreyer) who gave us the magnificent silent epic The Passion of Joan of Arc. Truly a surfeit of lampreys, oops! I mean riches. Goodnight all!

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