New Philosophy Test Results I


New Philosophy Test Results

I retook the philosophy test (first edition here) when I was somewhat more conscious and aware of what I was doing and came up with results that I think are probably more indicative of my reality:

1.  Augustine   (100%) 
2.  Aquinas   (77%)  
3.  Ockham   (75%)  
4.  Kant   (65%)  
5.  Spinoza   (53%)  
6.  Prescriptivism   (46%)  
7.  Plato   (43%)  
8.  Bentham   (38%)  
9.  Aristotle   (37%)  
10.  Mill   (37%)  
11.  Cynics   (34%)  
12.  Sartre   (33%)  
13.  Noddings   (32%)  
14.  Hume   (30%)  
15.  Rand   (29%)  
16.  Stoics   (28%)  
17.  Nietzsche   (22%)  
18.  Epicureans   (11%)  
19.  Hobbes   (0%)  

I am delighted that Augustine is at the top (I would have sworn Aquinas would edge him out, but not so--there is hope for my hard heart!) I am ecstatic over the relatively low appearancce of the utterly abhorrent Hume, Rand, Nietzsche and Hobbes. Plato is somewhat higher than I like him to be considering his attitude toward poets in general. And I'm still flummoxed by the appearance of Kant (who like Goethe and the vast majority of Germans up to Mann completely eludes me) and Spinoza. But overall, I'm happy with the 1-2-3 of Augustine, Aquinas, and Ockham.

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