Hi There, I'm Back After


Hi There, I'm Back

After my brief holiday in the Furies, I'm pleased to return and report to you news of the world.

Unlike yesterday, the sky this morning was not red, but roseate--somewhat like the spoonbills here and there in the the trees as I was driving to work. Not full red, but that flowing white-pink so easy to pick out in the early morning sun. The clouds were limned with morning light--cast into full relief and glowing nimbi--quite, quite lovely--but not red. I'm praying that there will be a cessation of hostilities and a lack of stormy weather for the day.

So here's to hoping for a return to the irenic. I promise that I will neither listen nor read about the antics of certain groups of people (read politicians) any more. "Nie weider krieg" Forgive my bad German spelling.

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