Commenting on Universalism Mr.


Commenting on Universalism

Mr. Thomas S. O'Rama has this to say at his blog:

On universalism: Wasn't the Fatima apparation approved by the Church and didn't one of the children see hell with souls in it? I understand it is a private revelation, but it is a private revelation approved by the Church. The existence of Hell is probably the most difficult doctrine to believe of all, according to Peter Kreeft.

To which I respond: I believe you are correct, there was a very distinct vision of Hell. And what are we to make of that? Was this a vision of Hell, or was this vision akin to those of St. John in viewing the Apocalypse? It seems arguments can be made either way. In one case the vision could simply have been a vision of the results of NOT praying the Fatima prayer. For even if a seer explains his or her vision, how do we know the explanation is more authoratative than the vision. (Thus Holy Mother Church's wisdom in not demanding attention be paid to private revelation). I tend to hold more with the "revelation" of the Eucharistic Prayer and the Fatima Prayer--that it is through prayer and through the power of Jesus Christ that those who presently are unaware of their danger CAN be saved from Hell. They may not be. The chances of this not happening are greatly increased if we do not pray and work to show these poor souls the true loving embrace of Jesus Christ.

This is so dreadfully important. And so when Mr. O'Rama asks us to pray for an agnostic step-son, the prayers are made all the more urgent by the possibilities.

Finally, read the entry on Mr. O'Rama's site located two down, titled One Step Forward, Two Steps. . . These three posts of Mr. O'Ramas form a nice triad of salvation, fear/hope/ and the need for prayer. Most beautiful.

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