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This Just In from Andrew Sullivan

From Andrew Sullivan (whom I never read as it taxes my charitable impulse to its limits) via Dylan: The next pope is likely to be Catholic!

He states that the next pope is likely to make the present pontiff seem like a liberal (I rather doubt it, but I don't think that would be entirely bad). He is a Catholic that revels in "post-Vatican II Catholicism." When statements like these are made in certain circles you can substitute the whole phrase for "moderate-to-liberal Episcopalianism." I consider myself a fully post Vatican II Catholic--after all, I didn't even enter the Church until after all the reforms were firmly in place. But the Vatican II that I hear some invoke, and that for which I have read the council papers are mere shadows of one another. I prefer the one documented on paper. In general, I must agree with Dylan's comments subsequent to the excerpt. No more John Shelby Spongs please--I prefer Christianity.

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