Sadness of the State Fair


Sadness of the State Fair

A nice description of some of the true joys and interests of state fairs and of their unfortunate decline is available at Sainteros.

I have, for some reason, been thinking along the same lines for some time. Recent events in blogdom and in life has led me to really think about my appreciation of things rural. Being a suburban boy, this is a tough thing for me--the rural has all the horrors of the unknown, and yet those self-same beauties. We are too disconnected as a society and people. We have gradually obtained a sense that we are somehow above or outside of nature. This is a serious fallacy and a serious problem.

My solution--I have no wisdom here. But I believe that I shall attend next year's county fair and the Strawberry Festival in nearby Lakeland. It's only a bit of a reconnect, but it sure seems I'm being moved that way. Thanks Mr. First from Floyd, Mr. Bell from Front Royal, and Mr. Brobeck. Sometimes I need emphatic reminders.

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