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Reflection on Psalm 84

From an unfinished piece:

Reflection on Psalm 84 Steven Riddle

1. How lovely is thy dwelling place, Lord God of Hosts.

How could we know? What clues are given us by the psalmist that we could begin to recognize the loveliness of God's dwelling place?

Open your eyes! Where do you think God dwells? In some far distant heaven, some place above the clouds and beyond the stars? Well, of course you are right in part.-Certainly He dwells there. But that is only part of the answer, because He also dwells within the blue of the sky and within the heat of the sun on a warm summer day. In fact He dwells within every molecule and every vacuum empty space, in every place you can conceive of and in unimaginable places you cannot know. And, perhaps most mysteriously of all He dwells within every human heart by the power of the Holy Spirit. These hearts are His preferred dwelling places. And certainly to Him there is no more handsome seat, no lovelier abode than the yielding heart that prepares Him even the smallest, most cramped space. Teach me to see the true loveliness of your dwelling places, O Lord.

c 2002 Steven Riddle

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