Musings on a Paraphrase


Musings on a Paraphrase of Luis of Granada

In the first chapter of A Sinner's Guide the Venerable Luis of Granada says (and I paraphrase), "If all the seas were filled with ink, and all the scribes that ever were or ever would be were given all the paper that could be made, and were the seas drained and the papers filled and the scribes laid to rest, they would not have even begun to describe a single of God's perfections."

Of a particular perfection--mercy--it occurred to me, that every breath I breathe I breathe at the behest of God Almighty. In His supreme mercy He holds back from me knowledge of all the ills that the emanations of my sinful actions have caused in the world. Were I to be aware of one-millionth of the misery I have caused even inadvertantly, I would be completely overwhelmed and unable to lift a finger to do anything.

Jesus comes to my House and knocks interminably upon the door. I have stopped my ears and sit with feet firmly opposing entrance, and yet, in His profound Mercy, He does not leave me, but He enters through the window left open behind me and starts to set the place to rights until I get up and chase Him out again.

What a God! What a merciful, wonderful, beautiful, Lord who serves us not only with His spirit, but with His Body and Blood. All the Earth with one voice should cry aloud, Praise the Lord! All that is praises Him without end--open your ears, batter your hardened hearts and hear the voices raised in the Praise of our Great God on High. Thank You Lord, for being my Lord. Master me, Lord, so that my only delight is in Your presence and Praise!

Praise Him!

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