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Love and Reason

T. S. O'rama makes the following comment on his blog:

That would seem to be the way it should be, the way we were designed. Faith and reason side-by-side in glorious company. On the other hand, if one must choose, choose the heart! For Aquinas' vision stands as a warning to us all: all his writings were as straw compared to Love.

This is a very interesting point. I believe that they do ALWAYS exist side by side, but usually terribly out of balance. For that reason some of us need to focus our energies in different ways. As Maureen notes in the comment box below, it probably wouldn't hurt for those who are very "love-oriented" to have a better grasp of the intellectual aspects of faith. I hear all manner of anti-intellectualism in the church--from a gross misunderstanding of what the historical-critical method is and can accomplish, to completely off-the-wall interpretations of Vatican II documents that cannot be read by any person in full possessiion of their faculties to mean what some have made them out to mean. Yes, love and reason do exist side by side, but not as fully integrated most times as they were in those great Saints Thomas Aquinas and Augustine. And with modernism and post-modernism deconstructing people all over the place. . .

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