Final Blog for the Evening


Final Blog for the Evening

It has been an exhausting day. God has been most generous in His blessings. He has given me the beginnings of some thoughts that may grow into something worthy of presentation. But more He has given me San Juan de la Cruz and "The prayer of a Soul Taken with Love"

from Sayings of Light and Love St. John of the Cross from 26--Prayer of a Soul taken with Love

You will not take from me, my God, what you once gave me in your only Son, Jesus Christ, in whom you gave me all I desire. Hence I rejoice that if I wait for you, you will not delay.

In Jesus is the fullness of all the hopes of Earth. In Jesus is the fullness of all the Promises of Heaven. In Jesus is the fullness of the Love of the Father. In Jesus is the fulfillment of all dreams, hopes, wishes, thoughts, and being. Jesus is above all, in all, through all, with all, the constant companion of my soul, the one and the only--the God who chooses to blossom in my fellow man. The God, the Brother, the Lord, the end-all and be-all for whom there is not praise enough nor words enough to express my joy, my delight, my love, my sense of the precious. He is all-in-all and He incorporates me into the Holy Body of His Sacred Bride. He is beyond all hope, all expectation and yet He is the exact fulfillment of all hopes and all expectations. If I wait upon Him an eternity will be a moment; if I turn from Him a moment is an eternity. How can I say enough the great Love Jesus has given me and I long to return to Him. Simply--I am Your servant Lord and I wait for You alone, and all my waiting is the greatest work I can do. Thank you, my Lord and my God.

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