Blessed Yom Kippur And following


Blessed Yom Kippur

And following a beautiful tradition, long ago established even on internet sites, I hereby tender my sincere apologies and promises of all due penance to anyone I have harmed through my writing, directly or indirectly; to any I may have offended or alienated; to any to whom I have not given proper due to their thoughts, opinions, or sharing; to anyone who may have felt demeaned; and even to those who wasted time because a search engine inadvertantly sent them to my site (the mildest of penances--my mea culpa here is very small). May peace reign in your house, where you work, in our communities, in our country and throughout the whole world. May we leave this day ready to start anew, refreshed, forgiven, and washed clean. May God grant all a sense of repentance and may we join with our Jewish brothers and sisters in their great Holy Day. Shalom to all.

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