Being a Tidepool There are


Being a Tidepool

There are distinct advantages to being a tidepool on the Ocean of Blogdom. A tidepool is a relatively serene little community of critters that lives out the time between complete submergence in relative harmony. Here, I can say just about anything I care to without raising much of a ruckus or ripple. I like that--a lot. I like conversation that does not need to scream to be heard. I like civil disagreement and I like being able to talk about things that, when presented elsewhere would raise the banner of war. In short, there are certain advantages to being ignored by people who aren't interested in the main theme of this blog. I like being a tidepool, and I hope you all like the gentle aspects of visiting such a community. I sincerely hope that it is one of a number of places of rest, repose, and challenge of a different sort--challenge on a deep spiritual level. Because that's what I'd like to present to all, encouragement and challenge.

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