As Forewarned--Fulke Greville I had


As Forewarned--Fulke Greville

I had forgotten for a long while about the work of Lord Brooke, until I stumbled upon the Luminarium. I would hardly consider him a major voice of his time, but some of his poems are amusing and interesting. I've a particular interest in heresies exposed in verse and so I present this delightful little ditty:

Caelica Sonnet 89 Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke

The Manicheans did no idols make
Without themselves, nor worship gods of wood,
Yet idols did in their Ideas take,
And figured Christ as on the cross he stood.
Thus did they when they earnestly did pray,
Till clearer Faith this idol took away.

We seem more inwardly to know the Son,
And see our own salvation in his blood.
When this is said, we think the work is done,
And with the Father hold our portion good,
As if true life within these words were laid
For him that in life never words obeyed.

If this be safe, it is a pleasant way,
The Cross of Christ is very easily borne;
But six days' labour makes the sabbath day,
The flesh is dead before grace can be born.
The heart must first bear witness with the book,
The earth must burn, ere we for Christ can look.

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