Apologies for the Late


Apologies for the Late Blogging

The first Saturday of each month is the day on which my Carmelite community gathers. I have been blessed/cursed with having been formation master/director/ and returned to the position of formation master. The Carmelites I meet with are some of the most wonderful and loving people you could imagine, and the faith in that single room often boggles my mind. Last month I had set a hard task--everyone was to read and choose at least 5 of The sayings of Light and Love. From those five each person was to choose one and explain it or describe the relevance of it to their own life. You cannot begin to imagine the blessings showered on everyone present at that meeting. Everyone in the group shared at least one of the sayings, and some more than one. We dispelled a number of misconceptions regarding San Juan de la Cruz and next month we're going to reread select parts of the Sayings in preparation for The Ascent of Mount Carmel.

I guess you didn't need all this detail, but I really wanted to share a little bit about how wonderful, responsive, loving, and caring the whole group is. The other advantage is that we have an amazing mix of people--People from Haiti, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, The Philippines, USA, Mexico, and a number of other countries. Everyone contributes to providing the food and so we have quite a multinational and tasty brunch during the meeting.

I never fail to be stunned by God's tremendous mercy and generosity toward me. Yes, I know the group is not there for me alone, but I am so blessed to be able to meet with such wonderful, faith-filled people. Praise the Lord!

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