An Upbeat Selection from Another


An Upbeat Selection from Another Voice Rarely Heard

The following is from a poem by Aemelia Lanyard, a courtier of Elizabeth I (and therefore in my mind suspect immediately). Nevertheless, Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum has some interesting bits (when you get away or can screen out the endless passages flattering other courtiers--you know, give me "The Pillow Book" any time--no flattery there at all). Here's a very lovely, hopeful passage from early on:

from Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum Aemelia Lanyard Tis He that doth behold thy inward cares, And will regard the sorrowes of thy Soule; Tis He that guides thy feet from Sathans snares, And in his Wisedome, doth thy waies controule: He through afflictions, still thy Minde prepares, And all thy glorious Trialls will enroule: That when darke daies of terror shall appeare, Thou as the Sunne shalt shine; or much more cleare.

The Heav'ns shall perish as a garment olde,
Or as a vesture by the maker chang'd,
And shall depart, as when a skrowle is rolde;
Yet thou from him shalt never be estrang'd,
When He shall come in glory, that was solde
For all our sinnes; we happily are chang'd,
Who for our faults put on his righteousnesse,
Although full oft his Lawes we doe transgresse.

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