An Apt Comment from Argentina


An Apt Comment from Argentina

I do not read Spanish directly--I know a few words of Spanish and mostly piece the message together from cognates in Latin and French (I'm going to have to start using Babelfish or something like that that I saw at Disputations--just don't have the time most of the time), so my interpretation of this message may not be the best--but if I understood Mr. González accurately, I could not agree more. It is not enough to be merely a pacifist--one needs to resist the zeitgeist--the emotion of the crowd that would drive us along to destruction. Democracy is a wonderful mode of government, but it is a terrible way to determine right from wrong. Unfortunately we too often depend upon the decision of the majority when we should stand fast and determined, stand on the Rock, the Truth, the Way and the Life, against the tide of popular opinion, or as it is more commonly manifested--"the madness of crowds."

Also, thank you kindly Mr. González for your kind thoughts at the end of the message.

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