A Mysterious and Unaccountable Hush


A Mysterious and Unaccountable Hush

Has descended on blogdom, or my portion thereof. Usually the hours from about six in the evening to about nine are a rush a flurry of activity. I can only assume some even of nation importance was transpiring, of which, Praise the Lord! I was completely ignorant.

I have had about ten zillion visitors looking for the meter of John Donne's "Holy Sonnet 14" and for them, I apologize for I have said nothing of the meter nor have I any intention of addressing it. That is not my interest in the sonnet, and I am truly sorry that Google somehow links those words together on my site.

This hush combined with the red skies this morning and the deep grey clouds and portents of our usual "liquid sunshine" promise for a long and arduous day. I hope that presently I am merely in the eye of a storm that will lift before its battering winds assail me.

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