A Melancholy Admission Inspired by


A Melancholy Admission

Inspired by good Mr. Dylan's obvious love of, and precise blogging of, the poet e.e.cummings, I went to the library and decided to find out what I was missing. I have come to the melancholy conclusion that I must wait upon Mr. Dylan and his choices as most of what I saw there was either experimental or pretentious (depending upon the degree and severity of judgment you wish to exercise) beyond the limits of my tolerance. On the other hand, there are some obvious gems and some quite beautiful poems (many of them very early work). So, I am resigned to my limited taste, and will simply trust that Mr. Dylan will keep up his efforts to lift us out of our prejudices and continue to delight us with the choicest gems of such poets and writers. By so doing, he offers the community of St. Blog's a wonderful service. A round of applause please.

(In the room women coming and go, talking of Michaelangelo). Oh well, if it's any consolation, "I do not think they sing to me" either.

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