Thou Art Peter I tried


Thou Art Peter

I tried this in one way earlier, but its resultant tone too deeply disturbed my conscience. So I try here from another, hopefully more congenial and hospitable angle.

Viva il Papa

Thank you for the gift of John Paul II, our brother, our leader, our guide,
head of your Church on Earth.
Through him you have given us a prophetic witness of your Gospel,
You have time and again used his voice to pronounce the truth.

Dear Lord,
John Paul, our precious Pope, needs your guidance and your health.
Around him are a great many voices,
let him sort through the noise and go
unerringly to the heart of the truth.
Guide him in ways to guide us from
these present difficulties into a time of lasting peace and growth
for the Church on Earth.

You have given us so much in John Paul,
let him know that we love him and unite with him
to oust the evil that has roosted in Your Church.

Lord, let John Paul continue to speak with Your voice,
and love with Your heart;
to lead Your people in truth and in the paths of righteousness.

Use him as an instrument to clean your Church and bring
us all back together in strength and in love.

We ask this of you, our one true and precious Lord, Jesus Christ,
in confidence that all asked in your name will be done.


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